The End of Summer

Verona in September
In Italy, the end of August means the end of summer, and that’s fantastic news for visitors from outside the country. Italians return to work and the resorts, which are extremely busy in July and August, are more relaxed, and less crowded.

Walking through Verona

walking itinerary Verona
If you don't like organized tours and prefer the do-it-yourself option but still want to save the hassle of planning where to go and what to see in Verona you can choose one of the four walking itineraries suggested by Verona City Council. They are suitable to all levels and include all the cultural highlights of the city. The average lenght of each itinerary is 3 kilometres, with the shortest being 2,5 and the longest 3,6. The time needed to complete an itinerary varies between 3 and 4 hours... but it can be expanded to a full day if you plan many stops, coffee breaks, shopping and so on. Well, take your time: you're on holiday!

The Best Photo Opportunities in Verona

There are so many beautiful buildings and vistas in Italy, it’s hard to go wrong if you enjoy photography. Verona is no exception, buildings are well maintained, squares are decorated with flowers, and there are a lot of monuments dedicated to all the residents, real and fictional, who have links with the city.
Apart from probably one of the most photographed balconies anywhere, Verona has some excellent photo opportunities both on the ground, and high up, here are just a few suggestions.

Open days at Valpolicella Terme

Valpolicella verona terme
Have you booked a holiday in Verona or nearby between 15th and 18th September? Lucky you! Terme della Valpolicella spa, the 2500sq m. wellness haven of the Villa Quaranta complex, organizes the "Open days 2011" with a rich programme of discounted and even free treatments. It's your chance to unstress and recharge the batteries while keeping an eye on your savings. The choice is wide and suits all tastes in terms of relaxation and wellness.

Travelling with your best friend


It’s a dilemma you’d love to take a break, but you genuinely hate leaving your four- legged friend in kennels. You could ask your parents again, but last time he stayed there he dug up their garden, so they probably won’t agree.

But you don’t have to stay at home; now you can visit historic and beautiful places with your best friend in tow. How? Well, Verona has some impressive facilities for people travelling with pets, so why not give it a try.

Aida, plot of the Opera

Aida verona
Aida is one of the most famous Operas of the program of the Opera Season in the Arena. Every year this show takes place in Verona. Here below you can read a short plot that will help you to better understand what's happening during the show written by Giuseppe Verdi (the Original Opera is in Italian).

From the airport to Verona

Verona Airport
So you got the great deal, you jumped on the plane and here you are at Catullo airport. What to do now? Don't panic, there is a cheap and efficient Aerobus service to the city centre. Buses from Catullo Airport to Verona Porta Nuova, the main railway station in town, run daily from 6.35 am to 11.35 pm every 20 minutes. The price of the ticket is 5 euro one way, but if you travel frequently to Verona you can buy a monthly pass for 50 euro. The ticket can be bought at the airport or on board with no extra charge.

New low cost flights to Verona

flights Verona - Italy
Recently Verona became an important hub for low cost flights and more than one low cost company now is based in the Catullo airport, 15 kilometres from the city center.
For sure the biggest one is Ryanair that every week publish promotions and deals on its internet page with new flights to Verona. For example this week, if you flight from Brussels or Paris you spend only 8€ for one way flight and a bit more if you flight from London Stansted or from Madrid.

The Great Night of the Stars on Lake Garda

Day-trip to Verona

Day-trip to Verona
I can truly say that a day-trip to Verona is just a way to understand where are the monuments of Verona, but for Venice and other important historical cities is the same. Many of you don't have the time to stay here for so long, because maybe some prefers to stay on lake Garda or travelling to many cities in a short time, so I want to dedicate a bit of space to this sort of "quick turist".
I'll give you some tips to fall in love with Verona, so that you can feel sad to leave after the first hours here.