FieraCavalli 2011 Verona

Fieracavalli Verona
This year, the traditional trade fair "Fieracavalli" that every year take place in Verona will be from 3rd to 6th November. We remind you that this event is something special for people that want to visit Verona during this time of year. Fall season in Verona is colored of red, yellow and green, very different from the hot summer just passed and FieraCavalli is an appointment you can't miss if you are in Verona for your holiday.

There’s no such thing as Italian food!

Italian Food
Well, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but in Italy, cuisine is regional which means that a lasagne made in the north will be remarkably different to one made in the south. In fact, recipes vary from village to village, and have been handed down though the generations.
There is still typical tourist fare of pizza, spaghetti with meatballs, and tortellini, but why not consider local and regional specialities, visit an Osteria, once popular with the poor, but now serves traditional dishes and some excellent wine which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Wine tours from Verona

Wine tours verona
The great thing about a break in Verona is that not only do you get to visit some fabulous sights; you have the opportunity to get out into the Italian countryside and visit the lakes and some superb vineyards.

Verona – Romantic honeymoon destination.

Romeo and Juliet
The long-standing relationship between Verona and romance goes as far back as Romeo and Juliet, and that’s why the city is the perfect choice for honeymoon couples.

A Grand Tour of Italy

tour of italy
For visitors from Europe, Verona and the resorts around Lake Garda are delightful places for a short break and longer stays, but for travellers from further a field a Grand Our of Italy is probably the best option.

Verona with Children

Many visitors dismiss a city break with children, as they fear that there will be nothing to keep them entertained. In Verona that certainly is not the case.
Whether the family enjoys the great outdoors with plenty of room to work off that excess energy, or a theme park with rollercoaster’s and movie stars, there is something for everyone.

Tocatì Festival in Verona

From today (23rd October) to 25th October 2011, a new edition of the traditional street games festival is taking place in the historical center of Verona. The event is called Tocatì and it hosts people from all over the world, many countries with many different traditional games. From this year, during the festival, the world congress of ITSGA (International Traditional Sports and Games Association) will also take place. Teachers, students and Unesco members will be here to underline the importance of the culture, traditions and old games for the world's heritage.

Castles near Verona: Soave

Castle verona
If Castelvecchio, the military fortress of the Scaligeri family that ruled Verona in the Middle Ages is , together with Castel San Pietro, the most famous and visited castle by tourists in the city of Verona, it is certainly not the only one nearby. There are in fact 23 castles listed in Verona province, and they can easily be divided into four categories depending on their location: urban castles, western area, south-eastern area and north-eastern area.

Gardaland: save on the entrance ticket

Gardaland - Italy
It happened: your children heard of Gardaland, got all excited about it and now you no other choice than bringing all the family there. If you are worried that a day of family fun will cost you a fortune, relax: there are a few options that will allow you to save a decent amount of euros.

Gardaland's new Raptor roller coaster - POV video

Gardaland Raptor
If you read my last post about new attractions 2011 of Gardaland, the biggest theme park of Lake Garda (the main italian one also) you know that Raptor is the new winged roller coaster of the park. An extreme flight seated into the wings of this scary attractions.