Italy in winter – What every visitor should know.

Its true, Italians always look super cool, even in winter they have an incredible style. So, what’s their secret? Is it the fact they still wear sunglasses, or maybe it’s the fact that they are dressed against the cold?

Thick quilted jackets, scarves, gloves and of course the sunglasses, mean that whilst looking cool, they are never cold - but there is another reason for wrapping up warm, its known as "La Cervicale".

Italy - An Award Winning Destination

It will come as no surprise, but in an award ceremony by the Daily & Sunday Telegraph Travel Awards 2011, Italy was again nominated "Favourite European Country" by 23,000 polled newspaper readers.

But it doesn’t stop there, the Hotel Villa D'Este in Cernobbio on Lake Como was nominated as a "Favourite Hotel Worldwide", and the beautiful city of Venice was runner up to New York as "Favourite City Worldwide".

La Traviata – plot of the Opera

La Traviata is an Opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi. The libretto is written by Francesco Maria Piave, based on Alexandre Dumas son's novel "The Lady of the Camelias". It is considered the most significant and romantic opera by Verdi and is part of the so-called "trilogia popolare" (popular trilogy) with Il trovatore and Rigoletto.

The weekend of "Santa Lucia"

Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia is one of the most famous saints of Verona because during the weekend next 13th December, every year a traditional market takes place in the Arena square.
Typical foods, sweets and toys are the main attractions of the banquets.

Christmastime in Verona

Christmas Verona
The most wonderful time of the year, and in Verona, there is something to do throughout the Christmas and New Year season.

2012 Opera Season in the Arena - the programme

Opera 2012 Arena of Verona
The calendar of the Opera festival 2012 in the Arena is ready. Every year many people (music expert, music lovers, or simply tourists) come to visit Verona just to take part to its famous Opera season, probably in one of the best venues in the world for shows and concerts: the Arena.
I know that many of you will come to spend a holiday in Verona and I suggest you don't miss this important event. I write you here below the official calendar:

DON GIOVANNI by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
22, 29 june, 6, 12, 18, 25 july 2012

Food and tradition: eating out like the locals do

"Slow Food" is an organization that promote the culture of quality food and values in contrapposition to the standardisation and poor quality of fast food chains that quickly opened in Italy many years ago and became immediately popular. But traditions are alive and slow is still the best adjective to describe an Italian meal with friends: people take their time to enjoy what they are eating and drinking. If food is an important element of your holiday in Verona and you want to try to enjoy it as locals do, why not having dinner at one of the many "sagre"?

Nabucco - plot of the Opera

After the flop of his opera "Un giorno di regno" the young compositor Giuseppe Verdi rushes himself into the decision of changing career and not writing music anymore. In this early giving up, Verdi is firmly opposed by Merelli who, despite the flop, does not allow him to stop writing and soon after forces him to read a libretto by Temistocle Solera that Otto Nicolai, the future author of "Le allegri comari di Windsor", had refused.

Halloween parties in Verona

Halloween origin is not italian, but this event is now very popular even here, sometimes more than Carnival, that is more part of the tradition of our cities.
If you are about to leave home for your holiday in Verona, but you don't know wich parties and wich events will take place here I can help you with some news about the main ones:

San Giorgio in Braida church

San Giorgio in Braida
San Giorgio in Braida's church is one of the most evocative historical site in the Verona area beyond the bend of the river Adige, thanks to its characteristic Renaissance dome and the gorgeous bell tower, both by Michele Sanmicheli.