Ponte Pietra - the oldest roman bridge in Verona

Ponte Pietra the oldest roman bridge
The Ponte Pietra, or the Stone Bridge, is the oldest Roman bridge of Verona, and one of the most important Roman monuments of the city.
The original bridge across the River Adige, dating back to before 89BC, would not have been stone, but wood. The stone bridge was built in the 1st century BC, during the construction of the Postumia Road, which linked Genoa and Aquileia.

Romeo and Juliet Half Marathon

Half marathon in Verona

February the 19th was an exciting day in Verona; it was the 5th annual Giulietta e Romeo Half Marathon.
In 2011, 3,826 competitors crossed the finishing line, making it the third most popular marathon in Italy. This year 4,292 runners helped to make this the best year ever for the event.

Venice’s Historical Regatta, September 2nd 2012

Venice regatta

The Regatta Storica is the highlight of Venice’s annual rowing calendar. This unique mode of transport has been used daily in Venice for thousands of years, and today, the magnificent historical water pageant involving the two teams of the Venetian Rowing Club, the Bissone and the Bucintoro, is world famous. The lagoon is plied by all kinds of water craft, typically 16th century-style boats with gondoliers in period costume, which carry the Doge, his wife, and the city’s highest ranking officials up the Grand Canal in a brightly coloured spectacle.

The story and legend of the Tortellino di Valeggio – Lovers Knot

Tortellini verona
Every year in the middle of June, Valeggio celebrates the Feast of Love Knot, an event which celebrates the typical tortellini of the area. The Feast of Love Knot is without doubt, one of the most fascinating events of Veronese tradition. 
It all started with a legend that, in classic tradition, has two characters which are deeply in love but unable show it. The characters are Malchus, captain of the Visconti troops, and Silvia, beautiful water nymph of the Mincio.

Laura Pausini at Verona’s Arena.

Laura Pausini Arena di Verona
Zurich, Paris, Madrid, and London have all seen the great Laura Pausini World tour, and on the 4th, 5th and 6th of June, she will grace Verona’s Arena.
The Italian born singer kicked off her ‘Inedito Wold Tour’ on the 22nd December in Milan, a tour that, when it closes, will have been performed in over 100 venues around the world. The Made In Italy tour features top international professionals, and is said to be ‘the most sophisticated, poetic, and all-encompassing tour ever put on the road by an Italian artist.’

What is prosecco

What is prosecco?

The area around Verona is famous for its wines, but in the Province of Treviso, visitors on a tour of the Veneto region can experience an entirely different wine – Prosecco.

Prosecco is an extremely significant part of Italian life, it is consumed at celebrations in much same way as Champagne, but it is also enjoyed every day. Between February and June ‘Primavera Prosecco’ is a four month event which takes place celebrating the authentic land and the wines of the region, with special events, concerts and of course, tastings.

The Veneto region – Soave.

Twenty three kilometres east of Verona is the comune of Soave with a population of around 6,800 people. For the Romans, it was an important resting point on the Via Postumia between Aquileia in the east, and Genoa in the west. But Soave was, and still is, important for another reason - its white wine.

So, your waiter suggests that a bottle of Soave would go well with the food you have chosen, but what type of wine is Soave, and what kind of wine can you expect?

Bacanal Gnoco

verona carnival

Food and legends go hand in hand thorough out Italy, and Verona has its fair share of food related stories, this one relates to Bacanal del Gnoco, a plate of gnocchi in tomato sauce.


A short distance from Venice, the tiny island of Murano, has been producing beautiful glassware for over 600 decades. Originally the glass-blowing industry was based in Venice itself, however, it moved to Murano during the 13th century as the buildings were made of wooden timber frames, and there was serious concern that the glass blowers would cause the city to burn down.

Easter in Veneto

Bevilaqua castle
To Italians, Easter is just as, if not more important than Christmas. As well as the traditional parades and religious events the whole country holds special events, so if you’re in the Veneto region on a break, here are a few of those special events which you might like to get involved in.