Mantegna Verona

This post is dedicated to one of the artists that during the Republic of Venice made Verona a center of the Renaissance art.

Andrea Mantegna was a North Italian Renaissance painter, a student of Roman archeology, and son in law of Jacopo Bellini. Mantegna was similar to other Renaissance's artists and experimented a lot with perspective. His flinty, metallic landscapes and somewhat stony figures give evidence of a fundamentally sculptural approach to painting. 

Lake Garda


Near Verona there is the largest italian lake, the lake Garda, also called Benaco. All the alpine region around this lake was formed by glaciers at the end of the last ice age and know it's one of the most beautiful areas of northern Italy thanks to its unique landscape.
The northern part of the lake is narrower, surrounded by high mountains, wich the main one is called Baldo and the southern part is wider. Its shape is typical of a moraine valley, probably formed by slidings and erosion of an old Paleolithic glacier. The bottom of the lake is very deep and in some points it looks like a real sea (350m depth).

Lamberti tower - Verona

The Lamberti tower is situated in Piazza Erbe, the former roman forum of the city. Its name (Lamberti) comes from a family of Verona whose origins are unknown, but we know for sure that this building was their tower-house and we also know that it was built in 1172 during the middle age.
On 1295, two bells were placed on the tower: the first one (the small one) called "Marangona" was to signal fires and the big one, called "Rengo", was to call a meeting of the town's council and to call the citizens of Verona in case of attacks to defend the city. The two bells have been fused several times and they are actually well conserved.

Christmas holidays Verona


In other posts I wrote about Christmas in Verona. The most typical and interesting events during this period are the Christmas markets in the squares like S. Lucia fair, Nuremberg Christmas market and every kind of banquet you can find hanging around in the city center. Another nice initiative that every year take place is "presepio" exhibition (nativity scene) inside the Arena. It is a fascinating exhibition with many works from all over the world, art and tradition in a exclusive showroom: the Arena. Every day you can visit the Arena arch rooms from 9 am to 8 pm and the ticket is 7€.

Porta Borsari - Roman gateway

The name "Borsari" comes from the term "bursarii", people that collected bishop's duties during the middle age. During the roman period this gateway was called Porta Iovia, in honor of Jupiter, whose temple was right out the walls of the Roman city. Now the temple doesn't exist anymore, but some remains are exposed in the Monumental Cemetery of the City. Porta Borsari was probably opened during 1st century b.c. on the Postumia way that in the urban area was called "decumano massimo" and it was renovated during 1st century a.c.

Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet is the famous tragedy written by William Shakespeare about two young lovers whose deaths ultimately unite their feuding families.

Christmas in Verona

For all of you that want to visit Verona during Christmas holidays there are some traditions you don't have to miss.

Panoramic route in Verona

In this post I want to suggest you two routes in Verona. You can use the mountain bike or you can just walk. Around Verona there are beautiful hills and you can reach fascinating panorama locations where you can admire the city from above, passing through narrow streets, slopes, old villages and trees.
Here the routes:

Castelvecchio Verona

Castelvecchio, is an important castle in the middle of the center of Verona. It was built in 1354 (the works finished in 1356) thanks to Cangrande II of Scala Family. The castle was built also for the invasions of barbaric populations, but mainly to defend the sirs by the rebellions of the folk. 
The surrounding area allowed a way out from the city in a easy and fast way: walking through the bridge, that was for the private use of the Scala Family, the exit toward the north along the river Adige was a perfect way to escape in the level land, for certain a safe shelter.

Brussels-Verona Low cost

I've tried the new Ryanair flights Verona-Brussels and Brussels-Verona.
It's really easy for citizens that come from northern Europe to spend some days for a Holiday in Verona.
I landed yesterday morning after a weekend in Brussels. The flight is really cheap, especially now that Ryanair has to launch these new routes to Verona.
I spent just 38€ for two ways flight and I also visited Amsterdam because trains in Brussels are very efficient and in 2 hours you can reach a lot of towns.
I've tried this with the flight from Verona, but many of you could do the same from Brussels.