Carnival in Verona

The Carnival in Verona is a tradition that lasts from 1531 and it is for certain one of the oldest italian carnivals. The legend says that during that year, due to a major famine, the price of flour was very very high and the poor people, in particular in the old popular district of San Zeno, risked to die because of hunger. At that point, a noble and worthy person, Tommaso Da Vico, raised a sum of money that was enough to grant the poor citizens the possibility to buy the minimun quantity of flour they needed to prepare the "gnocchi", one of the typical dishes of Verona, a basic food that everyone used to eat almost every day.

Piazza Bra Verona

Piazza Bra is probably the most famous square of Verona because here you can find the Arena, the roman amphitheater that every year hosts concerts, shows and the Opera festival. In Piazza Bra there are several monuments and important buildings like the Gran Guardia, a huge palace of 17th century that now hosts exhibitions, conventions and events. Piazza Bra is than the site of the town hall, called Palazzo Barbieri and there is a beautiful side of the square full of historical palaces with restaurants, shops and smart houses (this side of Bra square is called "the Liston").

Verona Marathon 2011

Verona Marathon is a traditional event that every year gives the possibility to run in one of the most fascinating italian cities. As a matter of fact, Verona has been inserted in the UNESCO heritage list as "world Patrimony of Humanity". During the Marathon, that will be on 20th February, everyone can run among history and art passing through suggestive corners and marvelous squares.
The event is opened to everyone and there are two choices:
  • Marathon
  • Giulietta e Romeo Half Marathon 

Verona in Love 2011 - the program updated

In January I wrote a post about Verona in Love 2011, but the program wasn't available at that time. Now I want to update you with all the news, events and specials about Valentine's day 2011. 

The Italian Golf show - Verona

Verona is one of the most famous centers in Italy for Golf lovers, there are a lot of destination dedicated to this elegant sport from Marciaga to Peschiera del Garda, from the golf club in Sommacampagna to many others all in the area of Verona.

This year, in particular during these days there is the 5th edition of the Italian Golf Show at VeronaFiere International Exhibition Centre from 5th to 7th February 2011.

Piazza delle Erbe Verona

When tourists come in Italy one of the first things they always appreciate are the historical squares. In Verona, as in many other important cities of art there are a lot of areas in the open air where people use to stay during the day and the night because the good climate encouraged them to meet with each other. Verona has many beautiful squares and many historical periods are visible thanks by the buildings and remains that are everywhere around these places.

Day-trip to Schio

I've started to talk about the day-trips from Verona when I wrote the post about Venice; this time I don't want to speak of a famous city, I prefer to give you some information about another place near Verona that is less known abroad, but that is worth seing, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in Verona or Lake of Garda as well.

Verona by Night

Malcesine Monte Baldo

Lake Garda Panorama from Baldo in Malcesine
If you spend your holiday in Verona, and if you like panoramas and nature, there is a place that is really worth seeing for a day-trip. If you have a car you can drive toward Lake Garda, to Malcesine, a small city on the lake. Here you will find directions to the cableway. This attraction is perfect during all the time of the year, for winter holidays or for summer holidays too. The cableway departing station is a few metres from the lake and even from here the view is fantastic because this part of Lake Garda is among high mountains.

Verona in Love 2011 - Valentine's day

Verona is famous abroad for the Shakespeare tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" and now is considered the city of Love. Who wants to visit Verona will find history (it's the fourth italian historical town thanks to its monuments and remains) and a special atmosphere. During all the time of the year, when you spend your holiday in Verona you can enjoy the town thanks to fascinating panoramas, romantic corners, narrow streets, little restaurants and charming locations, but in february there is something better if you are in love with someone.