Cangrande della Scala - Lord of Verona

In my posts I've always mentioned Della Scala Family, also known as Scaligeri. This was the most important family of Verona that ruled the city for so long during the middle age.

Romeo and Juliet story - summary

I don't want to write here a detailed story of Romeo and Juliet because if you really want to know everything about them you should buy a book of Shakespeare or maybe you could go to see some shows performed by artists from all over the world (ballet or theater too). I just want to write a short summary to explain why Verona is now called "the city of Love".

This is a summary of the story of Romeo and Juliet:

Arche Scaligere - Scaligeri Graves

If you walk toward the Cathedral coming from delle Erbe square passing through Piazza dei Signori you will notice some monuments that are called Arche scaligere. These are the tombs of the Della Scala family, the most important family of the past of Verona that ruled in the city from the 13th to the late 14th century. There are five Gothic funerary monuments right out of the church Santa Maria Antica.

Fairs of march in Verona

This month the main event in VeronaFiere, the location for every trade fair of the city, is Samoter. This isn't very interesting for tourists because this is dedicated to machines for agricolture and constructions. There are rather some events that could be interesting for all of you. I am talking about Elettro expo and Model Expo Italy.

Venerdì Gnocolar - it's Carnival

Today is carnival in Verona, Venerdì Gnocolar is the biggest event of the veronese Carnival. There will be floats and confetti all around, the people will wear masks and someone will drink too much wine.
Unfortunately I won't be in town, so I ask a favor to my readers. There are just a few of them that will be in Verona for their holidays durin this day, but if you make pictures of the parade and if you want to share them on my web channel, I will be proud to publish something on my next post.

Airports Verona

Verona is situated in the middle of northern Italy and it is an important crossway between east/west Europe and north/south. If you come to visit Verona or you go on holiday to Lake Garda, Valpolicella and other cities nearby there are two airports where you can land. The main one is Aeroporto Valerio Catullo situated in Villafranca, just a few kilometers from Verona.

Dante statue in Piazza dei Signori

This post is dedicated to the main italian poet that spent some time of his life in Verona. I want to tell you the story of the statue of Dante Alighieri positioned in the Lords Square (Piazza dei Signori), one of the most beautiful squares of the historical center of Verona.

Basilica San Zeno in Verona

San Zeno Church
San Zeno church, dedicated to the saint patron of Verona is one of the oldest churches of Verona and of Italy too. The legend says that a first small church was erected on the patron's tomb in 380, but the present building's history begins in 9th century. The Basilica was damaged or destroyed by a Magyar invasion in the early 10th century and in 967, a new Romanesque edifice was built by Bishop Raterius on the same site. On January 3, 1117 the church was damaged by the worst earthquake that hit Verona during its history, and it was restored and enlarged in 1138.

Verona Carnival's masks

There is a way of saying in Italy that is "Veronesi tuti mati" that means that Veronesi (people from Verona) are all crazy. If we look at the carnival's masks of the city we can understand that the tradition of Verona is full of jokes and funny things connected with the characters who had lived in town. Each district of Verona has its own carnival masks. The most famous is Papà del Gnoco whose story I've wrote in the last post about carnival. Here below some of them (the name of the mask on the left and the name of the district on the right), I write just the main ones with a probable english translation form the dialect (if possible):

Holiday Verona - what to do in 3 days

Sometimes people ask me what is worth seing in Verona and wich places must be visited around the city if you have just a weekend holiday. There are many tips and many alternative solutions I could give you for your visit, so I will post more than one article about this with my recommendations and my ideas.
This option is probably better for couples or a group of friends (adult).

Day One - visit Verona city center