Ten centuries peeked from two portholes

Scavi Scaligeri - Verona

The Scavi scaligeri, under the Palazzo del Capitanio, from the '90s are a nevralgic point for contemporary and ancient art:  under its courtyard in piazza dei Signori you can find the Centro internazionale di fotografia. The facade is from about '500, but underground the ruins are beautiful and very ancient: two bull-eyes open the view through the pavement in the courtyard, showing a beautiful scene. The museum has an underground maze-like pattern , as the remains were found and left at different heights. 


Summer 2013: The Verona Opera Festival celebrates its 100 years


Summer 2013 in Verona: many events will the 100 years of the most famous Italian Opera Festival meaning the Verona Opera Festival at the Arena. It is not a mystery that here every year thousands of opera lovers gather to see rich and unforgettable shows. Over the time the skills of some of the most gifted directors and talented singers and performers created the legend of Verona Opera Festival. The shows are unbelievable and totally worth the price you are going to spend.

San Fermo Inferiore: a spiritual and artistic treasure

san fermo Church Verona

From the right transept of the Church we find a "forest" of pillars once covered in frescoes. The spaces under the main basilica are full of holy atmosphere and precious art works. The church is very little known but truly a treasure to discover in Verona!

The "Home-towers" and the tragedy of the Jews

home towers piazza Erbe Verona


They could also be of eight floors. Why? In the six-eighteenth century the Jewish quarter was overcrowded by a large community.
The "skyscrapers" of piazza Erbe are the last witnesses of centuries of discrimination and of the existence in the two ghettos. 

Verona with kids - Summer Camp


How many people who wants to go on holiday in Verona have kids? One of the biggest issues for you when you travel to historical cities like Verona is that your children get bored visiting monuments or walking with you around the city. You know, kids like playing, they like having a good time with other kids and especially during the summertime they like water. On the other hand you like having a litte time for yourself, relaxing in a bar of the center or you'd rather  do other things as you are just an adult on holiday.

Monuments of Piazza Erbe: the "Berlina"

Berlina or Capitello in Piazza Erbe


This monument was the very centre of the city's manifold activities. You could find also dead wolves, exposed here after having caused panic in the countryside. Let's just call it "capitello": erected in 1207, it was an useful instrument to dictate the unit of measure to the traders.

What can be still secret and unknown in Piazza Erbe? This square is the place most well-known in our city with Piazza Bra. The monument is located in the centre and has been mistakenly called “berlina", a sort of monumental pillory for public humiliation and punishment.

The Liston pathway? An open-air museum of fossils

Liston Verona

To a close gaze, the pavements in the Liston pathway includes a extraordinary collection of marine creatures dating back to the Jurassic period. They are entirely paved with Prun stone and many extraordinary specimens of ammonites are recognizable inside the plates.

Parking in Verona

parking verona

You are driving to Verona and you are wondering where you will park your car. In Italy parking is never easy and most of the times it is also expansive. Here we will give you a few tips if you are travelling by car. 

Art and Culture of the eighteen century



Many visitors to Verona come for its links with Romeo and Juliet, the Arena, and the other famous monuments, but there is another side to the city which, until the beginning of April, is being explored – The eighteenth-century in Verona and its province.

It all starts at the exhibition of the eighteenth century in Verona. Held in the Gran Guardia, close to Piazza Bra, the exhibition includes artists such as Tiepolo, Cignaroli and Rotari, and in addition, has a series of themed itineraries which covers the arts, architecture and culture in eighteenth-century.

New low cost flights to Verona

Low cost flight to verona

Livingstone airlines and Verona Valerio Catullo airport made an agreement for new low cost flights to Verona. The airport of Verona will be the second base for Livingstone airlines. The flights with airplanes Airbus 320 will be from the Red Sea, Tel Aviv, Tunisia, Baleari Island, Marocco and Balcans. Livingstone airlines also decided to dedicate one of its planes to the city of Verona, one of these now is called "città di Verona".