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New Year eve Verona


If you come to Verona to celebrate the new year (2011) you'd probably like to know something about the events and what kind of parties there are in town. This blog wants to be a real helping guide for tourists and everything you'll read in these pages is written personally by me. I am a native of the city of Verona and I think to know what recommendations to give to people that come here for holiday.

These are the main events (I'll maybe post something else in the next days):
  • New year eve in Piazza Bra - in the arena square there are concert and fireworks - The band that plays is called Sonohra, their genre is really main stream, they sing in italian and if you don't like pop music you'd better search for something else. A great fireworks show will take place at midnight and this is a special moment for everyone, so if you like to celebrate the new year with many people this is the right place to be. 
The new year celebration in the Arena square - piazza Bra
  • Amami 2010 - this event is at the trade fair of Verona in the pavilion n. 11. - there are buses that go back and forth from the fair to the center. The entry costs 45€ with three drinks included, midnight drink and a buffet. - I suggest this place for young people or for the house and technomusic lovers. This party is until the first morning of 2011.
Party time with Amami 2010 for the new year in Verona
  • Restaurants - there are many places that offer a "new year dinner" and they charge around 45/50€ per person, at the moment I don't really know what recommend you, but in the next days I'll search something for you.
Fireworks above Castelvecchio
Fireworks in the Arena square for the new year
New year concert in the arena square

I hope that all these information will help you to decide what to do during your Christmas Holidays in Verona.

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