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New low cost flights to Verona

flights Verona - Italy
Recently Verona became an important hub for low cost flights and more than one low cost company now is based in the Catullo airport, 15 kilometres from the city center.
For sure the biggest one is Ryanair that every week publish promotions and deals on its internet page with new flights to Verona. For example this week, if you flight from Brussels or Paris you spend only 8€ for one way flight and a bit more if you flight from London Stansted or from Madrid.
Ryanair is not the only one and I can truly say that is not the best one if you don't want to spend less for travelling. If you plan your holiday in Verona you'd better have a look to many other airline fares that sometimes are just a bit more expansive than Ryanair, but with a really better service. I am talking about British airways or Easy Jet if you travel from U.K. or even Air Dolomiti-Lufthansa, Germanwings and Air Berlin if you travel from Germany.
Air Berlin, one of the new low cost Airline that flight to Verona
The biggest problem travelling with Ryanair is that they charge you for every "extra" you need, so if for example you play guitar and you want to bring it with you on holiday you'll see your ticket become really much more expansive. Nothing to complain, but if you have an alternative solution, price is not the only thing to look at. Here below I write you the main airlines that flight to Verona (from the main european cities / countries):
  • U.K. - Ryanair, British airways, Easy jet
  • Germany - Air Dolomiti-Lufthansa, Germanwings and Air Berlin
  • Spain - Ryanair from Madrid and Vueling from Barcellona
  • France - Air France and Ryanair
  • Luxemburg - Ryanair
Just an advice for who travel from U.s.a., Australia, Canada or other countries out of the European Union: if you plan your holiday in Europe by yourself, consider the low cost flights from the main international hubs like London or Paris because very often there are some incredible deals to Verona and these cities could be better than Milan or Venice talking about the cost of travelling.


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