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A short distance from Venice, the tiny island of Murano, has been producing beautiful glassware for over 600 decades. Originally the glass-blowing industry was based in Venice itself, however, it moved to Murano during the 13th century as the buildings were made of wooden timber frames, and there was serious concern that the glass blowers would cause the city to burn down.
Today Murano has become extremely well known for its vivid millefiori style work, but there are also very many other beautiful styles to see and buy as souvenirs. If a traditional glass figurine is just too small, there are other larger items for sale, which would definitely not fit into even the largest suitcase; the region is also famous for its production of intricate glass chandeliers. If this is something on your wish list, then make an appointment with one of the workshops, who will also be able to arrange shipping anywhere in the world.
Channels in Murano - Venice

San Donato Murano church in Murano - Venice

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a chandelier, what most visitors purchase are small glass horses, glass sweets, glass pens, or wine stoppers, which will easily fit into even the smallest pieces of luggage.
Many of the workshops offer glass blowing demonstrations, if you would like to see how these artisans work look out for a sign which says "Entrata Libera". This is where the blowers will allow you to watch, free of charge, whilst they create a symbol of another of Italy’s famous institutions - a Ferrari glass horse.
Top Tips:
Visit in the morning. Like many places in Italy, the glass blowers take a rest for lunch from around 1pm until 4.30pm.
Murano is easy to reach from Venice by public transportation. Here's how to get there with the Actv, Venice's transit company:
From S. Zaccaria close to Piazza San Marco and the Doge's Palace. Take the  ACTV's Line 4.2 waterbus, which takes about 40 minutes. A longer, but very nice alternative is the Line 4.1 boat down the Grand Canal taking about an hour. When you reach Murano you can get off at any stop, but Colonna is very convenient for some of the glass blowing demonstrations.
Tour companies also arrange trips to the Murano glass factories and showrooms which include a free boat trip to the island, you will undoubtedly come across their sales people around the city. Be prepared, these trips although convenient, can have high pressure sales techniques at the end of the day.


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