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Piazza dei Signori - Lords square

Monuments of Piazza Erbe: the "Berlina"

Berlina or Capitello in Piazza Erbe


This monument was the very centre of the city's manifold activities. You could find also dead wolves, exposed here after having caused panic in the countryside. Let's just call it "capitello": erected in 1207, it was an useful instrument to dictate the unit of measure to the traders.

What can be still secret and unknown in Piazza Erbe? This square is the place most well-known in our city with Piazza Bra. The monument is located in the centre and has been mistakenly called “berlina", a sort of monumental pillory for public humiliation and punishment.

San Giorgio in Braida church

San Giorgio in Braida
San Giorgio in Braida's church is one of the most evocative historical site in the Verona area beyond the bend of the river Adige, thanks to its characteristic Renaissance dome and the gorgeous bell tower, both by Michele Sanmicheli.

Castles near Verona: Soave

Castle verona
If Castelvecchio, the military fortress of the Scaligeri family that ruled Verona in the Middle Ages is , together with Castel San Pietro, the most famous and visited castle by tourists in the city of Verona, it is certainly not the only one nearby. There are in fact 23 castles listed in Verona province, and they can easily be divided into four categories depending on their location: urban castles, western area, south-eastern area and north-eastern area.

The Cathedral of Verona

The Cathedral, the main church of Verona (but in my opinion not the most beautiful one) is dedicated to S. Maria Assunta and it is one of the examples of romanesque style in Verona. This church is part of a bigger complex of architectural buildings which include
S. Giovanni in Fonte, S. Elena, the cloister, the Capitular library and the bishop’s residence. Here lives and celebrates the bishop, this is why it is considered the main church of Verona.

Piazza dei Signori - Lords square

Cangrande della Scala - Lord of Verona

In my posts I've always mentioned Della Scala Family, also known as Scaligeri. This was the most important family of Verona that ruled the city for so long during the middle age.

Arche Scaligere - Scaligeri Graves

If you walk toward the Cathedral coming from delle Erbe square passing through Piazza dei Signori you will notice some monuments that are called Arche scaligere. These are the tombs of the Della Scala family, the most important family of the past of Verona that ruled in the city from the 13th to the late 14th century. There are five Gothic funerary monuments right out of the church Santa Maria Antica.

Palazzo del Capitano Verona

This palazzo is also called Palazzo di Cansignorio. This is one of the main buildings of Piazza dei Signori, one of the most beautiful squares of the historical center. All the names given to this monuments are an evidence of its importance in the history of Verona. The facade of the Palazzo del Capitano is from renaissance period when Verona was part of the Republic of Venice, but we know that the palace existed before this time.

Lamberti tower - Verona

The Lamberti tower is situated in Piazza Erbe, the former roman forum of the city. Its name (Lamberti) comes from a family of Verona whose origins are unknown, but we know for sure that this building was their tower-house and we also know that it was built in 1172 during the middle age.
On 1295, two bells were placed on the tower: the first one (the small one) called "Marangona" was to signal fires and the big one, called "Rengo", was to call a meeting of the town's council and to call the citizens of Verona in case of attacks to defend the city. The two bells have been fused several times and they are actually well conserved.