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Mantegna Verona

This post is dedicated to one of the artists that during the Republic of Venice made Verona a center of the Renaissance art.

Andrea Mantegna was a North Italian Renaissance painter, a student of Roman archeology, and son in law of Jacopo Bellini. Mantegna was similar to other Renaissance's artists and experimented a lot with perspective. His flinty, metallic landscapes and somewhat stony figures give evidence of a fundamentally sculptural approach to painting. 

Venetian Verona


From 1404, after more than two centuries of independence, Verona became part of the domains of the Republic of Venice. St. Mark's winged lion, the symbol of Venice was raised everywhere in the streets and buildings and Verona lost its freedom, but at the same time, it gained the entry into a security and political-economic system that gave prosperity for a long time.