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Low Cost flights to Verona


Good news for tourists that want to visit Verona. Now there are new low cost flights that arrive directly at Verona main airport, Aeroporto Catullo, right out of the city. From this airport you need just 15 minutes to reach the city center and the same time to reach Lake Garda and Valpolicella.

From this november (2010), is possible to fly to Verona from Bruxelles Charleroi, London Stansted, Paris Beauvais, Madrid, Palermo, Brindisi and Alghero.
This airport is very close to the main tourist attraction points and now you don't need to pay an expensive flight or to land on other airports if you want to visit the town and its beautiful places. 
If you want to book your flight to Verona,  therefore, you can go on Ryanair website and search right now for the best fares. 
Fabio Bortolazzi, Catullo airport's president said that he is very happy about this new routes, in line with the project of developing the low cost area. After this news we really think that the low cost to/from Verona will be improved more and more and we hope that new destinations will be available in future.

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