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Loggia del Consiglio - Verona


Loggia del Consiglio is situated in Piazza dei Signori; it's the first building fully of renaissance style in all the Veneto region. It was completed in 1492 and it became the site of the town council right from the beginning. An important historical note is that in 1405 Verona was annexed to the Republic of Venice by its own accord. The venetian domain granted pace and prosperity to the city that in the past was full of internal struggles. 

The symbolical value of the palace was really high because with this building Verona had such an independent government. I was talking about the style: renaissance. This movement was born in Tuscany (Florence) and Rome, two enemies of the Republic of Venice, besides some elements of this style were inspired to the roman architecture, the period that made Verona an important center when Venice didn't exist. These two aspects really worried Venice about the future of its new domain. Another secondary aspect was that the Loggia del Consiglio was built right in front of Palazzo del Capitano, the site of the venetian authority in the city.
Verona remained under venetian domain for a lot of time, but the role of the city was always remarkable and it never suffered "physically" for being dominated.
Loggia del Consiglio is one of the most beautiful building of the old town, but at the moment tourists can just visit the outside (in the Signori square) because now it's the site of the province of Verona. The town hall that is the current site of the council of the city is now situated in Piazza Bra, the Arena square.
The statue of the poet Dante, in front of the Loggia

The facade of Loggia del Consiglio

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