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Leonardo Di Caprio wants to buy house in Verona


After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, that in the summer of 2010 came to Verona searching for a Villa in Valpolicella as their future italian dwelling, also Leonardo Di Caprio felt in love with Verona. It seems that he would like to buy a house near Piazza Bra, the famous Arena Square.

Di Caprio came to Verona during the summer of 2010 to see the Opera in the Arena and maybe he was astonished by the town of Romeo and Juliet. 
The news comes from the consulting company that found the Villa to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They said to Di Caprio that most of the historical Villas in the centre of Verona are for public use and it's very hard to find a full optional accommodation like a private Villa with gardens and swimmingpool in this zone, so they showed him some Villas in Valpolicella as an alternative solution. Valpolicella has many luxury old Villas and even if the purchasing of Brad and Angelina is not confirmed, it should be Villa Giona, right in the middle of this area. Leonardo Di Caprio now should visit some of these houses to decide which one would be the right one and some gossip says that he could choose one these locations to celebrate his wedding with the top model Bar Rafaeli. We shall see...
The news by L'Arena, the first Verona's newspaper.

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