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Lake Garda


Near Verona there is the largest italian lake, the lake Garda, also called Benaco. All the alpine region around this lake was formed by glaciers at the end of the last ice age and know it's one of the most beautiful areas of northern Italy thanks to its unique landscape.
The northern part of the lake is narrower, surrounded by high mountains, wich the main one is called Baldo and the southern part is wider. Its shape is typical of a moraine valley, probably formed by slidings and erosion of an old Paleolithic glacier. The bottom of the lake is very deep and in some points it looks like a real sea (350m depth).
The lake is rich of history and many fascinating villages and cities are everywhere.
On the lake you can practice a lot of activities, from entertainment to relax, sports and much more.
In the south, lake Garda hosts a lot of nightlife attractions, entertainment and theme parks. Just o cite some of them I write you here a list of the places with my recommendations:

  • Desenzano - this is one of the biggest cities of the lake and here you can find a lot of nightlife, discos, clubs and also shopping.
  • Sirmione - This is one of the tourist's favorite destinations on the lake because of its history and elegance, here you can spend your time visiting historical sites and also relaxing at the thermal bath (one of the best of northern Italy)
  • Peschiera del Garda - Another famous historical site. This city was built in the middle of two water ambiences (the lake and Mincio river) and the republic of Venice built a pentagonal structure of walls do defend it. Near Peschiera, exactly in Castelnuovo del Garda there is the biggest italian theme park: Gardaland.
  • Lazise - it's for sure an historical site and it's perfect for a walk on the lake side. Next to Lazise there are theme parks like Caneva world, a water park, Movie land park and entertainment for young people (funny restaurants like medieval times and Rock star cafe). Here there are also relaxing places like the Garda thermal park.
  • Bardolino - nightlife, oil-tasting and wine tasting are famous here.
  • Garda - nature and panoramas if you climb to the top on the "Rocca". It's also worth to visit Punta San Vigilio, a little historical harbur and village. Near Garda you can practice climbing.
  • Torri del Benaco - in my opinion one of the best medieval villages of the lake. I suggest this for romantic nights.
  • Malcesine - this city is in the northern part where wind is faster and it's perfect for sailing and windsurfing. Here there is a magnificent castle and a medieval center and a great idea for a day trip is coming here and take the cable way that pick you up to the top of the mountain in a magnificent place where you can admire the entire lake from above.
  • Torbole, Riva and Limone - these three cities are one of the best destinations in Italy for wind surfers and sailers. Here you can practice a lot of water sports.
  • Gardone Riviera - this is on the "bresciana" side of the lake (the province here is Brescia). Here there is the Vittoriale degli Italiani, an historical villa/museum built by a famous italian poet called D'Annunzio. It's a unique place in the world because of D'Annunzio's genius and his creativity and transgressive style of life.
  • Salò - one of the biggest cities of the lake, famous for being the last capita of the Italian republic during the fascism at the end of the second world war.
  • Manerba - here there is another "rocca", a place on the top where you can admire great panoramas.
The lake is not too far from the center of Verona and if you prefer the city you can choose an accommodation in Verona and have day trips to Lake Garda. You can go there by train and some destinations are just ten/fifteen minutes from the Porta Nuova railway station of Verona (Peschiera del Garda and Desenzano).

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