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A Grand Tour of Italy

tour of italy
For visitors from Europe, Verona and the resorts around Lake Garda are delightful places for a short break and longer stays, but for travellers from further a field a Grand Our of Italy is probably the best option.

Walking through Verona

walking itinerary Verona
If you don't like organized tours and prefer the do-it-yourself option but still want to save the hassle of planning where to go and what to see in Verona you can choose one of the four walking itineraries suggested by Verona City Council. They are suitable to all levels and include all the cultural highlights of the city. The average lenght of each itinerary is 3 kilometres, with the shortest being 2,5 and the longest 3,6. The time needed to complete an itinerary varies between 3 and 4 hours... but it can be expanded to a full day if you plan many stops, coffee breaks, shopping and so on. Well, take your time: you're on holiday!

A walk on Bardolino-Garda itinerary


One of the best places for a healthy walk is the pedestrian walkway between two cities on Garda Lake: Bardolino and Garda. If you spend your holiday in Verona, you probably know that Lake Garda is not so far, so it's worth spending a day out of town. If you just want to relax and have a walk there is a place that offers you everything you need. The walkway between Bardolino and Garda is one of the best of the lake. It is called Rivalunga that translated means "long side".

Holiday Verona - what to do in 3 days

Sometimes people ask me what is worth seing in Verona and wich places must be visited around the city if you have just a weekend holiday. There are many tips and many alternative solutions I could give you for your visit, so I will post more than one article about this with my recommendations and my ideas.
This option is probably better for couples or a group of friends (adult).

Day One - visit Verona city center

Panoramic route in Verona

In this post I want to suggest you two routes in Verona. You can use the mountain bike or you can just walk. Around Verona there are beautiful hills and you can reach fascinating panorama locations where you can admire the city from above, passing through narrow streets, slopes, old villages and trees.
Here the routes: