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Italy in winter – What every visitor should know.

Its true, Italians always look super cool, even in winter they have an incredible style. So, what’s their secret? Is it the fact they still wear sunglasses, or maybe it’s the fact that they are dressed against the cold?

Thick quilted jackets, scarves, gloves and of course the sunglasses, mean that whilst looking cool, they are never cold - but there is another reason for wrapping up warm, its known as "La Cervicale".

There isn’t really a translation into the English language for this phenomenon, the nearest is a pain in the neck! This is nothing to be laughed at, as a literal translation is not always effective, but the pain in the neck or back, is brought about by not wrapping up and getting a blast of cold air in those particular regions.

The Winter Sales

The only thing that’s hot in Italy during January are the winter sales. Starting in the first week in January well into February and even March, the shops have some excellent discounts on even the best items in store. Names like Prada and Gucci are also discounted up to 50% and attract frantic queues of Italians as well as visitors, so be prepared to wait. It’s not just the big names, goods bearing the Made in Italy mark also get discounted, and as these are excellent quality, and so you’re sure to be getting a bargain.

You can have fun in the snow without skiing

If the idea of hurtling down a mountain on skis doesn’t sound like fun, how about a rubber ring? Lessiland near Verona is just the place to try it out, here you can have fun on toboggans and inflatable rings over a slalom course, or just sit and watch. There are also cross-country skiing and walking routes if you fancy something at a steadier pace.

If you don’t like the heat but love history

It’s the best time to visit. Not everyone enjoys exploring outdoors and baking in the sunshine, and if that’s you, you’re in for a treat. The majority of Italy’s important and historic sites are open all year round, and during the winter, there are a lot less visitors. Maybe they’ve heard of ‘La Cervicale’, or maybe they just prefer the sunshine, but whatever the reason, it makes getting around and experiencing the real Italy a lot easier. Get up close to masterpieces in the Gallerie dell'Accademia, or wander around the Castelvecchio virtually unhindered.

So, wrap up in warm clothes, remember those sunglasses, and keep a visit to Italy in the winter a secret from your friends.

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