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Holiday Verona - what to do in 3 days

Sometimes people ask me what is worth seing in Verona and wich places must be visited around the city if you have just a weekend holiday. There are many tips and many alternative solutions I could give you for your visit, so I will post more than one article about this with my recommendations and my ideas.
This option is probably better for couples or a group of friends (adult).

Day One - visit Verona city center
Have a walk in the historical city center, a typical route for just a day could include the Arena square, Via Mazzini (the shopping street), Piazza Erbe, Juliet's house, the roman theater and Castel San Pietro. In reality this is a short walk, but I think that if you want to appreciate the city you need to slow down and look around. On this route there are a lot of monuments (have a look at my passed posts if you want to know more about them), if you have a guide you'll better appreciate everything.
If I were you, I'd taste typical foods in the "Osterie" (Giulietta e Romeo is a good restaurant), than I would have a coffee in Tubino (it's an historical bar of Verona in Corso Portoni Borsari). In Verona we use to drink the aperitif and the best place for this ritual moment is the Erbe square or Sottoriva street.
In the evening, don't miss the Arena events (if there are some), like the opera or rock and pop concerts.

The Arena - don't miss the Opera during your holiday in Verona

Day Two - visit Valpolicella wineries
book a wine tour... if you spend a few hours in wineries you will have the occasion to taste some of the best italian wines. The best wineries are in the Valpolicella area (book a taxi if you mind your driving licence). After buying bottles and tasting wine, in the evening you could just have a pizza: I always suggest Bella Napoli (via Marconi, near the Arena square) or Corte Farina (near via Pellicciai and Piazza Erbe).

Winery in Valpolicella - great red wines are produced

Day Three - visit Lake Garda thermal baths
this day is dedicated to relax and wellness. There are great thermal parks on Lake Garda, one is in Colà near Lazise (Villa dei Cedri) and another is Aquaria in Sirmione. If you want to go here you need the car or you can take the bus, but in this case you must go back early.

Thermal lake in Colà - Lake Garda


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