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History and Art

Piazzetta Tirabosco, a Venetian corner in Verona

Piazzetta Tirabosco Verona

In the Middle Ages the prisons were there. Located between Piazza Erbe, via Furriers and Corso Porta Borsari, you can find this hidden corner, named after a scholar and naturalist of the eighteenth century , born in 1707 at number 2 of the alley near San Marco in Foro.
In the past, Piazzatta Tirabosco was also named San Marco in Foro, like the nearby alleys. If you look at the building right down the middle, an apse and a few other architectural element reveals themselves.
In the Middle Ages there were here prisons, too. It was also the parish church of this area, suppressed by the Napoleonic laws.

Ten centuries peeked from two portholes

Scavi Scaligeri - Verona

The Scavi scaligeri, under the Palazzo del Capitanio, from the '90s are a nevralgic point for contemporary and ancient art:  under its courtyard in piazza dei Signori you can find the Centro internazionale di fotografia. The facade is from about '500, but underground the ruins are beautiful and very ancient: two bull-eyes open the view through the pavement in the courtyard, showing a beautiful scene. The museum has an underground maze-like pattern , as the remains were found and left at different heights. 


The "Home-towers" and the tragedy of the Jews

home towers piazza Erbe Verona


They could also be of eight floors. Why? In the six-eighteenth century the Jewish quarter was overcrowded by a large community.
The "skyscrapers" of piazza Erbe are the last witnesses of centuries of discrimination and of the existence in the two ghettos. 

Piazza dei Signori - Lords square

Ogrody Giusti (Giardini Giusti)


Jeśli lubisz naturę i ogrody, jest tu pewne miejsce, które koniecznie musisz odwiedzić, jeśli będziesz  na wakacjach w Weronie. Mowa tu o jednym z najpiękniejszych, włoskich ogrodów późnego renesansu. Nazywa się on Giardini Giusti lub Ogrody Giusti, jeśli wolisz przetłumaczoną nazwę. Na terenie posiadłości znajduje się doniosły pałac o nazwie Palazzo Giusti, który jest umiejscowiony zaraz przy wejściu, oraz ogromny ogród, pochodzący z 16 wieku.

Ponte Pietra - najstarszy, rzymski most w Weronie

Ponte Pietra najstarszy, rzymski most w Weronie

Ponte Pietra, nazywany też Stone Bridge (Kamiennym Mostem), jest najstarszym, rzymskim mostem w Weronie i jednym z najważniejszych, rzymskich zabytków w mieście.


Pierwotnie, most na rzece Adige, powstały jeszcze przed 89 rokiem p.n.e., nie był kamienny, lecz drewniany. Most kamienny zbudowano w 1 wieku p.n.e.,  podczas budowy drogi Postumia, łączącej miasta Genoa i Aquileia.

The Liston pathway? An open-air museum of fossils

Liston Verona

To a close gaze, the pavements in the Liston pathway includes a extraordinary collection of marine creatures dating back to the Jurassic period. They are entirely paved with Prun stone and many extraordinary specimens of ammonites are recognizable inside the plates.

Ponte Pietra - the oldest roman bridge in Verona

Ponte Pietra the oldest roman bridge
The Ponte Pietra, or the Stone Bridge, is the oldest Roman bridge of Verona, and one of the most important Roman monuments of the city.
The original bridge across the River Adige, dating back to before 89BC, would not have been stone, but wood. The stone bridge was built in the 1st century BC, during the construction of the Postumia Road, which linked Genoa and Aquileia.

Saints Above

Tale of Saint peter
Each Italian town, city, and village has its very own patron saint, and each of these saints has their own Saints day, which is celebrated with a church service, music, dancing and of course food. Verona is extremely fortunate, it has two saints which it calls its own, and they are Saint Zeno and Saint Peter.
The Tale of Saint Zeno

Highly Recommended

Church of San Zeno
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