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The Great Night of the Stars on Lake Garda

Tomorrow, 13th August 2011 is the saturday closest to the night of St. Lorenzo, when the largest quantity of meteors of the year use to dissolve in the sky when they occur the earth atmosphere. They create the famous phenomenon of falling stars. In every part of Italy this night is an event and even Verona celebrate this night. If you go on holiday in Verona, lake Garda, Valpolicella or an any other place nearby you can't miss "La Grande Notte delle Stelle" (in english The Great Night of the Stars), an event that aims to be one of the most popular attractions of lake Garda during this summer. This year it is more special than in the past because in the main square of every town of Lake Garda a party will take place with food, wine, concerts, music and dancing shows.
Fireworks of the walls in Peschiera del Garda

Fireworks on Lake Garda
From the six in the afternoon and during the night until the morning after every town of the lake will be connected by live radio coverage. Dj's and speakers of the radio will broadcast from Navigarda ferry boats where other parties will take place. 
Navigarda farry boats where a party will take place
One of the main attractions of this night will be the firework because at midnight, all at the same time, every city of the lake will start its own show creating a unique and incredible firework show for the whole lake Garda. This particular show promises to be so big that will probably give birth to a new Guinness world record.
Just a note about the falling star... Due to the full moon the night with more falling stars has been 10th August, but if you want to enjoy this romantic and natural show, if you go in the countryside or on the mountain, away from the Verona city light, you'll better succeed and as usual, if you see a falling star always make a wish.
Falling stars in the countryside

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