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A Grand Tour of Italy

tour of italy
For visitors from Europe, Verona and the resorts around Lake Garda are delightful places for a short break and longer stays, but for travellers from further a field a Grand Our of Italy is probably the best option.
Grand Tours, were something enjoyed by the early travellers who wanted to experience all the magnificent architecture and history of Italy. There are many ‘must do’ stops such as Rome, Florence, Naples, the Amalfi coast, but he highlight, in my opinion, is the Veneto region. Many visitors choose Venice, but as an alternative why not consider Verona instead, or Verona in addition to Venice. Here’s why.
Venice of course is beautiful, but the cafe scene and the nighlife are much better in Verona; it’s also less expensive, and you can easily visit Venice on a day trip. Verona has a more relaxed atmosphere; the residents still go about their ‘normal’ business, so you get a feel of living in the real Italy, rather than a tourist destination. Food too is much better value, and there are opportunities to explore the countryside and the lakes.
Take at least three days in the area to explore the sights such as the cathedral, the Arena, Piazza dei Signori, you will probably also enjoy relaxing at the thermal baths, to help sooth those tired feet and aching muscles.
Getting around is all part of the fun. If you prefer to take things at your own pace then a car hire, or the train is an excellent way to discover the delights of the region, but if you prefer to explore with a guide there are lots of escorted tours. Why not even combine your Grand Tour of Italy with a journey to discover the whole of Europe by train.



Such a tour over all Italy can turn into amazing memories and experiences.

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