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Gardaland - new attractions

1st April 2011 is the date when Gardaland, the biggest italian theme park, will launch a new attraction called Raptor, the first winged roller coaster in Italy. Gardaland is on Lake Garda, just a few kilometres from the center of Verona and it is one of the many theme parks situated near this area. In fact, lake Garda and Verona are ideal for tourists that come for entertainment and for holidays with friends or families. Water parks, theme parks, music, shows and much more is usual during the summer.
If you love entertainment and amusement parks this year you can't miss to visit Gardaland because there is a new attraction, a huge roller coaster that is unique in the world. The train is made of a series of side seats dangling in the air on the wings of Raptor, here you can try the experience of  an extreme flight. I think it is thrilling especially because this attraction has been studied to impress and scare who goes on. There are obstacles avoided at the last seconds, ruins, barriers, special effects and an ambient the will be very chilling.
Convoys will run at a max speed of 90 km/h during the two minutes of a ride, 33m height, 3 head over heels overturns, 4 90 degree turns and an interested surface of 16000 square metres are just some specifications of this great roller coaster. So, if you are nearby, enjoy your stay in Verona and your entertaining holiday.

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The promo flyer of Raptor - Gardaland

A man testing raptor roller coaster in Gardaland

Construction of the roller coaster from Gardaland's webcam


Gardaland has tons of food choices. They have the best soft-serve Gelato I've ever tasted.

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