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Famous people of Verona

Almost everyone knows the two most famous people associated with Verona are of course Romeo and Juliet, but there are many others who either chose to live here, were born here, or made the city famous in some other way.
Born on 20th December 1947 in Verona, Gigliola Cinquetti was the first Italian to bring the Eurovision song contest to Italy. In 1964 she won the competition with ‘Non ho l’età’ or I’m not old enough, and at the age of 16, she probably wasn’t. She represented Italy again in 1974 with a song entitles ‘Sì’, where she finished second after Abba and Waterloo. A strange but true fact about the performance was that the live transmission was never shown in Italy. This was because that the contest was held during the campaign on the referendum on divorce, and the public broadcaster RAI, wanted to censor the song in case the word ‘si’, meaning yes, was used as a subliminal message to the voters.
Gigliola Cinquetti, a singer of the past of Verona famous abroad
Rather older than Gigliola, is the Latin poet Gaius Valerius Catullus 84BC – 54BC. He came from an influential equestrian family from Verona in the Cisalpine Gaul region. The family were true Romans even entertaining Gaius Julius Cesar during his term as proconsul of the Gallic provinces. Catullus’ work is still widely read today, with some poems relating to his return to the family villa at Airmio on Lake Garda.
The ‘Veronese’ Paulo Cagliari was an Italian painter of the Renaissance. His most famous works were the Wedding at Cana and the Feast in the H
ouse of Levi.
Born in Verona in 1937, molecular geneticist Mario Capecchi won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2007. He was the co-award winner for the discovery of a method for introducing a genetic recombination in mice.
Mario Capecchi, a Veronese nobel prize for medicine in 2007
Last but by no means least, is Walter Chiari or Walter Annichiarico, as he was known. The Verona born actor had international success and also appeared in Broadways musicals, but he was probably most famous for two things. Firstly, during the 1950’s and 60’s he was one of the main men involved in the ‘Dolce Vita’ or the jet set in Italy. Secondly, was his involvement with Eva Gardner, whilst filming The Little Hut in which they both stared, whilst she was still married to Frank Sinatra,.


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