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Verona in Love 2011 - Valentine's day

Verona is famous abroad for the Shakespeare tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" and now is considered the city of Love. Who wants to visit Verona will find history (it's the fourth italian historical town thanks to its monuments and remains) and a special atmosphere. During all the time of the year, when you spend your holiday in Verona you can enjoy the town thanks to fascinating panoramas, romantic corners, narrow streets, little restaurants and charming locations, but in february there is something better if you are in love with someone.

Verona Chocolate 2011


From 13th January to 16 January there is an unusual exhibition in the Arena square (Piazza Bra): the first edition of "Chocolate", an event dedicated to the hand made chocolate. This afternoon the Mayor of the city of Verona, Flavio Tosi cut the ribbon and declared that the city will promote these appointments giving more space to the events in this part of the historical town. Artisans from every part of the country will partecipate to Chocolate 2011 and if tourists that come to visit Verona will hang around during the day, they will certainly appreciate this exhibition.

Sales 2011 in Verona


A nice idea for a different holiday could be a weekend in Verona on January, you may like visit the city and its historical sites and than make shopping enjoying the most convenient prices of the year.

January fairs in Verona


This month there are two events that if you are a tourist on holiday you may be interested to visit, especially if you spend a lot of time in Verona.
I am talking about two fairs that will take place in Veronafiere pavilions.

New Year eve Verona - part 2


As I wrote in the last post there are some parties and events to celebrate the new year in Verona. I want to give you more information about them. If you spend your Christmas holiday in Verona you probably don't know what to do during the new year eve, so I give you here other solutions for different needs.

New Year eve Verona


If you come to Verona to celebrate the new year (2011) you'd probably like to know something about the events and what kind of parties there are in town. This blog wants to be a real helping guide for tourists and everything you'll read in these pages is written personally by me. I am a native of the city of Verona and I think to know what recommendations to give to people that come here for holiday.

Christmas Run Verona


This year there is a new event for Christmas in Verona and it's something that will probably be replayed every year. It is called "Christmas Run" and it's organized by Verona Marathon and the city of Verona. The event is for charity and a part of the earnings will be devolved to the pediatrics ward of the Borgo Trento Hospital, for children with the worst diseases.
The run is on 19th December 2010 and many people will wear a Santa Claus suit and will run for 5 or 10 km in the centre of Verona. If the next year you want to plan your holiday in Verona, this another event you may be interested in.

Christmas in Verona

For all of you that want to visit Verona during Christmas holidays there are some traditions you don't have to miss.

Rugby in Verona


Next november 13th Verona will host for the first time an match of the italian national team against Argentina for the first of the three "Cariparma test matches" of 2010. 

Fieracavalli Verona 2010

From 4th to 7th November there is in town the famous fair FIERACAVALLI, an important exhibition about horses. This year is the edition n. 112 and the location is always the same, the site of Verona fair, in italian Veronafiere. Every year in november, there are more than 150.000 visitors that come in Verona to enjoy competitions, events and shows.
The fair is also an important venue for international companies, institutions and privates that can promote initiatives and projects aimed to support traditions and development of an entire system that regards horses, farms and every activity linked to these.