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Palio del Recioto Negrar

Palio del Recioto is an important traditional challenge especially for locals, not only people from Negrar (the little city where this event is), but even for people of Verona and the entire province.
The challenge lasts 4 days and the opening act was on sunday, Easter. A lot of stands are installed along one of the main streets and here everyone can taste wines and typical products of Valpolicella

Easter Verona

One day at Vinitaly

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to Vinitaly in Verona for a day of holiday. I know that many of you have read posts and articles about this event, but now I want to report my day, showing you some pictures and to give you an idea of how this exhibition is. There are thousand of people around and some of them are drunk, but the majority is made by experts and wine lovers. This here below is the entry of VeronaFiere and you can notice that there is a lot of life among the pavilions. 

Vinitaly 2011 - latest news

Tomorrow will be the first day of Vinitaly, an event that is at its 45th edition by now. This year, to celebrate the 150 years of italian Unification, two new wines will be launched: "the Italian red wine" and the "Italian white wine", both made with a great selection of grapes of all the italian regions. The location for this event will be the Gran Guardia Palace, in the center of Verona.
Other notable events of the exhibition:
- the celebration of 50 years of Pinot Grigio.
- Sparkling Italy - wine tasting (on reservation)

Vinitaly, a must for wine lovers

From 7th to 11th April there is an event you can't miss if you love wine tasting. It is Vinitaly 2011, the biggest exhibition about wine in Italy and for sure one of the biggest in the world. Every year 4000 wine producers and distributors from all over the world present their wines at the trade fair of Verona (Veronafiere). What can you do if you go to visit this exhibition?
Technical tastings of wine and spirits, overviews of wine-making realities in Italy and abroad, conventions, conferences, forums and seminars with experts, sommelier, winery owners and wine producers.

Opera Festival Arena - programme 2011

Opera Verona
Have you ever seen the Opera in the Arena? This is one of the most beautiful event you may partecipate if you come to Verona on holiday. This year there is the 89th Opera Festival in Verona. The location is obviously the Arena, maybe the most important venue for this kind of show that is always represented in theaters during the winter (in fact in Verona the winter venue is the Philharmonic theater of the city).
The Opera season starts on 17th June and ends 3rd September. These are the operas that will take place in the Arena of Verona with great shows:

Fairs of march in Verona

This month the main event in VeronaFiere, the location for every trade fair of the city, is Samoter. This isn't very interesting for tourists because this is dedicated to machines for agricolture and constructions. There are rather some events that could be interesting for all of you. I am talking about Elettro expo and Model Expo Italy.

Venerdì Gnocolar - it's Carnival

Today is carnival in Verona, Venerdì Gnocolar is the biggest event of the veronese Carnival. There will be floats and confetti all around, the people will wear masks and someone will drink too much wine.
Unfortunately I won't be in town, so I ask a favor to my readers. There are just a few of them that will be in Verona for their holidays durin this day, but if you make pictures of the parade and if you want to share them on my web channel, I will be proud to publish something on my next post.

Verona Marathon 2011

Verona Marathon is a traditional event that every year gives the possibility to run in one of the most fascinating italian cities. As a matter of fact, Verona has been inserted in the UNESCO heritage list as "world Patrimony of Humanity". During the Marathon, that will be on 20th February, everyone can run among history and art passing through suggestive corners and marvelous squares.
The event is opened to everyone and there are two choices:
  • Marathon
  • Giulietta e Romeo Half Marathon 

Verona in Love 2011 - the program updated

In January I wrote a post about Verona in Love 2011, but the program wasn't available at that time. Now I want to update you with all the news, events and specials about Valentine's day 2011.