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Easter in Veneto

Bevilaqua castle
To Italians, Easter is just as, if not more important than Christmas. As well as the traditional parades and religious events the whole country holds special events, so if you’re in the Veneto region on a break, here are a few of those special events which you might like to get involved in.

Vinitaly - how to choose accommodation

Verona fiera
You are in trouble.. why?
You have to attend Vinitaly, the most important international exhibition in Italy about Wine that take place in Verona every year, but you don't have a place to stay.
Every hotel you call say that is already booked or in some cases prices are really too high.
This problem is common during the month before Vinitaly and often also before. In fact, many producers and exhibitors use to book their accommodation even 1 year before so it is so hard to find a place to stay in the center of Verona.

Art and Culture of the eighteen century.

eighteen century art
Many visitors to Verona come for its links with Romeo and Juliet, the Arena, and the other famous monuments, but there is another side to the city which, until the beginning of April, is being explored – The eighteenth-century in Verona and its province.
It all starts at the exhibition of the eighteenth century in Verona. Held in the Gran Guardia, close to Piazza Bra, the exhibition includes artists such as Tiepolo, Cignaroli and Rotari, and in addition, has a series of themed itineraries which covers the arts, architecture and culture in eighteenth-century.

Verona in Love 2012

Verona love
Valentines Day and Verona have always gone hand in hand, but this year in the most romantic city in the world there is just too much love for one day, so love will be all around and celebrated from the 11th until the 14th February.

Verona Chocolate 2012

Chocolate Verona
This year the second edition of "Chocolate Verona" will take place. Last year it was a success and in my opinion this is one of the best markets you can join in Verona. Even if the tradition of this event is pretty recent the products you can taste are so good. The quality and the experience of the artisans of "Chocolate Verona" is so high that we can truly say that what they prepare and sell during the event is a real art.
The dates of the event and the location are always the same:
Piazza Bra (the arena square) from 13th to 16th January.
The banquets in the square are opened from 9.30 am to 11 pm.

The weekend of "Santa Lucia"

Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia is one of the most famous saints of Verona because during the weekend next 13th December, every year a traditional market takes place in the Arena square.
Typical foods, sweets and toys are the main attractions of the banquets.

Christmastime in Verona

Christmas Verona
The most wonderful time of the year, and in Verona, there is something to do throughout the Christmas and New Year season.

Halloween parties in Verona

Halloween origin is not italian, but this event is now very popular even here, sometimes more than Carnival, that is more part of the tradition of our cities.
If you are about to leave home for your holiday in Verona, but you don't know wich parties and wich events will take place here I can help you with some news about the main ones:

FieraCavalli 2011 Verona

Fieracavalli Verona
This year, the traditional trade fair "Fieracavalli" that every year take place in Verona will be from 3rd to 6th November. We remind you that this event is something special for people that want to visit Verona during this time of year. Fall season in Verona is colored of red, yellow and green, very different from the hot summer just passed and FieraCavalli is an appointment you can't miss if you are in Verona for your holiday.

Tocatì Festival in Verona

From today (23rd October) to 25th October 2011, a new edition of the traditional street games festival is taking place in the historical center of Verona. The event is called Tocatì and it hosts people from all over the world, many countries with many different traditional games. From this year, during the festival, the world congress of ITSGA (International Traditional Sports and Games Association) will also take place. Teachers, students and Unesco members will be here to underline the importance of the culture, traditions and old games for the world's heritage.