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The End of Summer

Verona in September
In Italy, the end of August means the end of summer, and that’s fantastic news for visitors from outside the country. Italians return to work and the resorts, which are extremely busy in July and August, are more relaxed, and less crowded.
An old picture of the Arena square
This is an excellent time to visit, because not only it’s quieter, but there are some excellent deals on accommodation, flights, and best of all September and October see the harvest season, bringing a whole new flavour to the speciality dishes and the countryside.
The vineyards of the Valpolicella and Bardolino regions are in full swing, the lake resorts are still warm, and you can spend time relaxing on a lake beach or in a lakeside cafe watching the world go by. This time of the year also sees fewer visitors in the centre of Verona, the pace is less hurried, and you can explore the back streets and sights in the company of locals who go about their daily business. This doesn’t mean you will be entirely on your own, but it does mean that the queues for the museums, the Arena, and Juliet’s balcony are much more bearable and less hot.
The weather is extremely pleasant, the heat is less intense, although it’s still possible to wear short sleeves, but come prepared with some warmer clothes for the evenings and for the odd day when there is cloud or a little rain.
There are also lots of different events to get involved in, for example, there are many ‘festa’s’ celebrating the harvest such as the Festa dell’Uva, or the festival of the Grape, held in mid October, which celebrates wine production with fireworks, music and all important tasting. There are also events for lovers of classic cars, as well as the Verona Marathon.


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