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Easter Verona

Easter is something special in Verona and the whole country because everybody is on holiday. If you decide to visit Verona during these days you will see a lot of italians in Verona because one of the peculiarity of the italian tourism is that everybody go on holiday at the same time, so you may find a lot of traffic on motorways and crowded squares. In my opinion I would choose other days for going on holiday, but if you really decide to visit Verona during this period of the year I could suggest you unusual things to do. For example, if you have a car to move, you could go to Valpolicella where there is a typical event called "Palio del Recioto". I will dedicate an article to this in the next days, but I briefly tell you what it is. First of all, the Recioto is one of the oldest and most famous wines of this area and Palio is a term to indicate a sort of a challenge where the winner is the best winery that produces this wine. A lot of locals have a party and taste wine from different stands.
In Verona and in Italy in general, during Easter there is a big lunch (often with parents) and the day after a lot of people (veronesi too) use to go with their friends in the countryside or near the lake for a barbecue.
In my opinion the day after Easter is the best one: we call it "Pasquetta" (little Easter).
Happy Easter to everybody!
The Easter Dove, a typical sweet of Easter's tradition

Another typical sweet of Easter is the Chocolate egg

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