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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni
Verona’s 2012 opera season starts on the 22nd of June with a performance of Mozart’s finest opera, Don Giovanni, but if what’s it all about, and what can you expect from this performance?
People attending a show in the Arena
The performance is just two acts, so don’t be late reaching your seat, or you’ll miss half the story. Don Giovanni, an infamous womaniser, makes one conquest after another. Womaniser he may be, but when he turns his attentions on Donna Anna, he makes a grave mistake. The story begins when Don Giovanni enters the house of Donna Anna in disguise, she believes it is her fiancé, Don Ottavio, but when she realises it is not, she raises the alarm and Don Giovanni flees to the garden where his servant, Leporello is waiting for him. He is closely followed by the Commendatore, Donna Anna’s father, a duel takes place and the Commendatore is killed; Donna Anna and Don Ottavio vow to get their revenge.
Not swayed from his amorous ways, Don Giovanni continues with his seductions; next he pursues a newly married bride during her wedding feast. But, Donna Anna is on his tail, and along with Don Ottavio in disguise, they manage to enter the feast, where Don Ottavio narrowly misses killing Don Giovanni with his sword. It is not just Donna Anna and her fiancé on the tail of the womaniser, Donna Elvira, a jilted lover is also looking for revenge. She seeks out and warns the bride just what may happen if she gets involved with the handsome Giovanni.
a performance of Don Giovanni
Act two begins with Don Giovanni and his servant Leporello changing cloaks, so that Don Giovanni may continue to go about his seductions in disguise; this time with Donna Elvira’s maid. He hopes to go unnoticed, but after Leporello is discovered by Donna Anna and Don Ottavio, Giovanni is forced to flee.
Leporello and Don Giovanni meet up in a graveyard and talk under a statue, the statue of the murdered Commendatore. The statue comes to life and vows to have the last laugh before the next dawn. Leporello is scared, Don Giovanni is not, and invites the statue to dinner that evening. During a dinner the ghost of Donna Anna's father, the Commendatore, makes his appearance and gives Don Giovanni one last chance to repent. Don Giovanni refuses, even in the face of death. With his house burring around him, the story ends, and Don Giovanni is dragged into hell.
Mozart’s opera is not a serious, difficult to understand opera, it’s considered to be a high drama, hilarious comedy opera, with some excellent music, including pieces from another of Mozart’s operas ‘The Marriage of Figaro’. In fact, many ladies in the audience actually root for the villain, as he is extremely charming and is probably why Don Giovanni has been widely regarded as the greatest opera ever composed, but of course, there are others who disagree.


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