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Di Caprio is now Verona citizen

Leonardo di Caprio has officially bought home in Verona. He bought an apartment of 400 square metres in the main square, Piazza Bra. His apartment has also a huge terrace of 300 sq with a breathtaking view on the Arena. This news is recent of these days. I think that this is the first one of many other cases we will read in future because Verona wasn't very famous abroad, but recently it is starting to become one of the favorite destinations for turists of all over the world. Many people passed the word with their friends after spending their holidays in Verona telling how beautiful it is. The fame of the city hit obviously some famous personality too. The first one is Leonardo di Caprio, meanwhile Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are always searching for a Villa in Valpolicella area, right next to the city. I just hope that now the administration and everyone is working in the tourist field, will try to preserve the original and traditional Verona because one of the good points about the city is that it is a mix of tourists and locals. Anyway, if Hollywood stars will help us to make Verona famous everywhere, this will only be good, it will allow to create a better service to the new travelers for sure.
Leonardo Di Caprio, now Verona citizen 
Apartments in Bra square, near the Arena

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