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Di Caprio is not alone... many other V.i.p. are waiting for Verona

It seems that Leonardo di Caprio is not the only Hollywood's star that is searching home in Verona. During this week Emma Watson, the actress that played Hermione in the Harry Potter's movies has been seen walking in the streets of the center. Some people near the business of Real Estate, connected with the story of Di Caprio's new house let understand that Verona has a lot of requests from Hollywood because it is one of the most beautiful italian historical cities and moreover, locals respect the privacy of the famous ones. Verona is the ideal italian place to stay for who wants enjoy the italian style, but staying away from the mass of tourists and nosey people.
If so many V.i.p. want to stay in Verona, it probably means that there is something more than the opera that can attract who lives abroad.
Emma Watson, is she searching home in Verona?

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