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Day-trip to Lake Garda (east coast)

Lake Garda East cost... maybe it makes you laugh, but this lake is really big, so I prefer to use this way to tell about the east side of the lake. This is my favorite part of it because it's under the province of Verona (as you know my town) and it is the most traditional one with its villages full of history and nice spots where typical remains. If you want to visit the east side of lake Garda you won't find many big cities that are good for shopping and nightlife, but small towns with castles, old villas, little harbors and fascinating panoramas.

Day-trip to Lake Garda (west coast)

Sunday sunny sunday, it isn't a song by U2, but the summary of a day-trip I've made this weekend. You can maybe get inspired by this post when you decide to spend your holiday in Verona.

Day-trip to Schio

I've started to talk about the day-trips from Verona when I wrote the post about Venice; this time I don't want to speak of a famous city, I prefer to give you some information about another place near Verona that is less known abroad, but that is worth seing, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in Verona or Lake of Garda as well.

Malcesine Monte Baldo

Lake Garda Panorama from Baldo in Malcesine
If you spend your holiday in Verona, and if you like panoramas and nature, there is a place that is really worth seeing for a day-trip. If you have a car you can drive toward Lake Garda, to Malcesine, a small city on the lake. Here you will find directions to the cableway. This attraction is perfect during all the time of the year, for winter holidays or for summer holidays too. The cableway departing station is a few metres from the lake and even from here the view is fantastic because this part of Lake Garda is among high mountains.

Verona - day trip to Venice

Typical canal in Venice