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Day-trip to Verona

Day-trip to Verona
I can truly say that a day-trip to Verona is just a way to understand where are the monuments of Verona, but for Venice and other important historical cities is the same. Many of you don't have the time to stay here for so long, because maybe some prefers to stay on lake Garda or travelling to many cities in a short time, so I want to dedicate a bit of space to this sort of "quick turist".
I'll give you some tips to fall in love with Verona, so that you can feel sad to leave after the first hours here.
  • First of all you could visit the Arena square, stop at Liston (the side of the square) and have a coffee to enjoy the first sight of the Verona (here a coffee is a bit more expansive than other bars, but it's worth it if you don't have many times to see the city)
The liston in the Arena square
  • Have a walk in Via Mazzini, a street full of shops where you can find brands from Luis Vuitton to Prada and many others. 
Via Mazzini, the main shopping street of Verona
  • If you need to have breakfast the best square I can suggest you is Piazza dei Signori (Signori square), where you can immagine how could Verona be during medieval times or during Renaissance.  
A detail of Piazza dei Signori (Dante statue)
  • In the afternoon, the best place where you can have a walk is the hill above the Roman theater, indicated on the maps as Castel San Pietro. Here there is a fascinating panorama and many lovers use to come during the day because it is very romantic too. You can arrive at this point passing through the Stone bridge and stepping up toward the hill.
A view on the city center from a point of the hill near Castel San Pietro
  • Don't forget to visit Juliet's House, even if I consider this point of Verona as one of the less important, but you know.. it is so famous, so you can't miss it.
the famous Juliet's house
  • Before the afternoon ends, if you like the italian coffee, there is a bar called Tubino, in Corso Portoni Borsari, another street dedicated to the important shops. In this bar you can taste more types of coffees than you could immagine, even if this place is so tiny.
The roman gateway at the beginning of Porta Borsari street
  • After the afternoon take part of the aperitif, one of the traditional moments of the people that live in Verona. The best places for having a Spritz (the traditional drink of Veneto region) are Piazza Erbe (the Erbe square), that is for sure one of the most beautiful squares of the town or even in Via Sottoriva, a narrow street below the riverside where buildings have a lot of arches that protect you and where you can find the best "Osterie" of Verona, where typical food is served every lunch and dinner.
The Erbe square, view on fountain of Madonna Verona and Maffei palace
  • As you understand there would be many other things to see, but to complete your day-trip you can't miss a show in the Arena or in the Roman theater.
The Arena during the Opera
After a day like this, I believe you will have the right feeling for coming back in Verona.

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