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Dante statue in Piazza dei Signori

This post is dedicated to the main italian poet that spent some time of his life in Verona. I want to tell you the story of the statue of Dante Alighieri positioned in the Lords Square (Piazza dei Signori), one of the most beautiful squares of the historical center of Verona.
During the austrian domain in 19th century, thanks to the Cignaroli accademy and the accademy of agricolture, commerce and arts, the city decided to build a monument dedicated to the most important italian Poet. There were many meanings behind this decision because even if Dante was hosted in Verona by Scaligeri during his exile from Florence, the statue was an occasion to claim the italian origin of Verona. Austrians tried to stop the creation of this monument, but after many requests by the city they had to allow that the city raised some funds to start the works.
Dante statue in Piazza dei Signori Verona

Dante Alighieri Statue in Verona
Ugo Zennoni, a young sculptor, was hired, afterwords he created the first marble statue of the city.
The “veronesi” wanted to celebrate Dante's centenary and organized a lot of events during that days even if Austrians had forbidden every celebration. To avoid that citizens gave too much importance to this event, austrians decided to install the statue secretly during the night before the centenary of the poet. The day after (14th May 1865) the “veronesi” found the statue in the middle of piazza dei Signori and couldn't make a big celebration. There were no rebellions and the statue remained in the same place until now.
Tourists in Piazza dei Signori - Verona

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