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Culture and Habits

The End of Summer

Verona in September
In Italy, the end of August means the end of summer, and that’s fantastic news for visitors from outside the country. Italians return to work and the resorts, which are extremely busy in July and August, are more relaxed, and less crowded.

The Best Photo Opportunities in Verona

There are so many beautiful buildings and vistas in Italy, it’s hard to go wrong if you enjoy photography. Verona is no exception, buildings are well maintained, squares are decorated with flowers, and there are a lot of monuments dedicated to all the residents, real and fictional, who have links with the city.
Apart from probably one of the most photographed balconies anywhere, Verona has some excellent photo opportunities both on the ground, and high up, here are just a few suggestions.

Get married in Verona - A few tips

Wedding in Verona
In one of our past articles we've talked about how to get married in Juliet's house. In that post you can find all the information you need, prices and how it works, but if you dream to celebrate your wedding in Verona, the city of love, I could suggest you some places where for example you can make the photo shooting or where to eat and stay.

Palio del Recioto Negrar

Palio del Recioto is an important traditional challenge especially for locals, not only people from Negrar (the little city where this event is), but even for people of Verona and the entire province.
The challenge lasts 4 days and the opening act was on sunday, Easter. A lot of stands are installed along one of the main streets and here everyone can taste wines and typical products of Valpolicella

Easter Verona

Springtime in Verona

Hi everybody, today is 21st March, the first day of Spring. This morning I was in the city center of Verona and the weather was so sunny and warm. I've made some pictures around the Arena square to show you how is here today.

Venerdì Gnocolar - it's Carnival

Today is carnival in Verona, Venerdì Gnocolar is the biggest event of the veronese Carnival. There will be floats and confetti all around, the people will wear masks and someone will drink too much wine.
Unfortunately I won't be in town, so I ask a favor to my readers. There are just a few of them that will be in Verona for their holidays durin this day, but if you make pictures of the parade and if you want to share them on my web channel, I will be proud to publish something on my next post.

Verona Carnival's masks

There is a way of saying in Italy that is "Veronesi tuti mati" that means that Veronesi (people from Verona) are all crazy. If we look at the carnival's masks of the city we can understand that the tradition of Verona is full of jokes and funny things connected with the characters who had lived in town. Each district of Verona has its own carnival masks. The most famous is Papà del Gnoco whose story I've wrote in the last post about carnival. Here below some of them (the name of the mask on the left and the name of the district on the right), I write just the main ones with a probable english translation form the dialect (if possible):

Carnival in Verona

The Carnival in Verona is a tradition that lasts from 1531 and it is for certain one of the oldest italian carnivals. The legend says that during that year, due to a major famine, the price of flour was very very high and the poor people, in particular in the old popular district of San Zeno, risked to die because of hunger. At that point, a noble and worthy person, Tommaso Da Vico, raised a sum of money that was enough to grant the poor citizens the possibility to buy the minimun quantity of flour they needed to prepare the "gnocchi", one of the typical dishes of Verona, a basic food that everyone used to eat almost every day.

Verona by Night