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Culture and Habits

The Old Well of Love in Verona


Mr. Dal Zovo and his friends have found an ancient and tragic legend, coming from the sixteenth century and referring to an ancient well in the heart of Verona close to Piazzetta Tirabosco.


In the sixteenth century, when Emperor Maximilian ruled the city, the guard Conrad of St. Boniface met a beautiful lady, Donna Isabella from the CasaDonati's dynasty and...fell in love.

Ślub w Weronie – kilka wskazówek

W jednym z naszych wcześniejszych artykułów pisaliśmy o możliwości pobrania się w Domu Julii. Znajdziesz w nim wszystkie informacje, których możesz potrzebować, poznasz ceny oraz opis, jak się to odbywa, ale jeśli Twoim marzeniem jest prawdziwe uczczenie swojego ślubu w Weronie, mieście miłości, mogę zasugerować Ci kilka miejsc, gdzie przykładowo możesz zrobić ślubną sesję zdjęciową, zjeść i przenocować.

Bacanal Gnoco

verona carnival

Food and legends go hand in hand thorough out Italy, and Verona has its fair share of food related stories, this one relates to Bacanal del Gnoco, a plate of gnocchi in tomato sauce.

Verona Walking Tour

Piazza Bra
The best way to discover any city is to walk around on foot. On this walking tour of Verona you will pass eleven important buildings and piazzas, as well as discovering hidden courtyards and some interesting restaurants. This isn’t a tour you need to complete at a marathon pace; in fact, it will only take around four hours from start to finish.

Basic Italian phrases

Although not strictly necessary, a few words of Italian will go a long way when you are visiting Italy. These are a fun few words that you can get you tongue around. The third column is ‘Italglish’ Italian written in an English way to help with phonetics.

Useful everyday words you may hear or need to say:

The weekend of "Santa Lucia"

Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia is one of the most famous saints of Verona because during the weekend next 13th December, every year a traditional market takes place in the Arena square.
Typical foods, sweets and toys are the main attractions of the banquets.

Christmastime in Verona

Christmas Verona
The most wonderful time of the year, and in Verona, there is something to do throughout the Christmas and New Year season.

Food and tradition: eating out like the locals do

"Slow Food" is an organization that promote the culture of quality food and values in contrapposition to the standardisation and poor quality of fast food chains that quickly opened in Italy many years ago and became immediately popular. But traditions are alive and slow is still the best adjective to describe an Italian meal with friends: people take their time to enjoy what they are eating and drinking. If food is an important element of your holiday in Verona and you want to try to enjoy it as locals do, why not having dinner at one of the many "sagre"?

Tocatì Festival in Verona

From today (23rd October) to 25th October 2011, a new edition of the traditional street games festival is taking place in the historical center of Verona. The event is called Tocatì and it hosts people from all over the world, many countries with many different traditional games. From this year, during the festival, the world congress of ITSGA (International Traditional Sports and Games Association) will also take place. Teachers, students and Unesco members will be here to underline the importance of the culture, traditions and old games for the world's heritage.

Famous people of Verona

Almost everyone knows the two most famous people associated with Verona are of course Romeo and Juliet, but there are many others who either chose to live here, were born here, or made the city famous in some other way.