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Shows in the Arena - Updates for season 2011

Rock concerts Arena Verona

Some new shows are planned in the Arena during the summer. The Opera season is still going on and many new performances are planned until september, but if you want to come to Verona on Holiday and if you prefer rock concerts or other kind of shows this is what you can see live:

July 18th - Deep Purple with orchestra - with this show, one of the best "old school" rock bands of ever will try to make something similar to their old famous concert with the Orchestra at the Albert Hall in London in '70s. It would be interesting to see how they will feel playing in the roman amphitheater of the Arena. A fascinating experience for sure.

September 13th - George Michael - probably two nights will be dedicated to this artist (14th September?)  because a sold out is nearly sure (Deep Purple as well).

September 9th and 10th - Notre Dame de Paris - this show stands in the middle between the Classic Opera and a Musical. It is a modern show created by the italian artist Cocciante. If you are in Verona it is something worth it.

Pop and rock music in the Arena is getting more popular

I've cited only "english" shows, but if you can speak italian you'd probably appreciate even showmen, comedians or italian singers. For sure, one of the most appreciated italian artists abroad is Zucchero that will play in the Arena on 25th and 26th September.


Happy Birthday Zucchero!I fell in love with your music in the summer of 1991 when Enzo, the Italian bus drevir on our 28 day grand tour of Europe played your Zucchero album at least 5 times every day. Sense Una Donna became our theme song. How beautiful it was to stare out of the window listening to Wonderful World or Dunes of Mercy. It made the memories more intense and added a great soundtrack to the hours of videos taken as we passed through the countryside. Thank you for your music and sharing it with the world. Our souls are grateful.Unfortunately I missed you in San Diego, California some years ago. Now living in LA, hope you will have a concert here. Hope one day that some of your music will make it into a feature film of mine. Until then, I'll be inspired by your gift.Love,Duke

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