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Christmas Run Verona


This year there is a new event for Christmas in Verona and it's something that will probably be replayed every year. It is called "Christmas Run" and it's organized by Verona Marathon and the city of Verona. The event is for charity and a part of the earnings will be devolved to the pediatrics ward of the Borgo Trento Hospital, for children with the worst diseases.
The run is on 19th December 2010 and many people will wear a Santa Claus suit and will run for 5 or 10 km in the centre of Verona. If the next year you want to plan your holiday in Verona, this another event you may be interested in.

To join this event you have to pay 10€ with suit and a welcome gift with typical products included. Children under 10 years old don't pay.

This run is one of the events promoted by Verona Marathon that even promotes the family marathon and the famous Verona Marathon.

The Christmas run in the Arena square

Santa Claus at the Christmas run in Piazza Bra

Santa Claus on the run in Verona

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