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Christmas holidays Verona


In other posts I wrote about Christmas in Verona. The most typical and interesting events during this period are the Christmas markets in the squares like S. Lucia fair, Nuremberg Christmas market and every kind of banquet you can find hanging around in the city center. Another nice initiative that every year take place is "presepio" exhibition (nativity scene) inside the Arena. It is a fascinating exhibition with many works from all over the world, art and tradition in a exclusive showroom: the Arena. Every day you can visit the Arena arch rooms from 9 am to 8 pm and the ticket is 7€.

Nativity scene in the Arena exhibition

From 18th December, Christmas is closer and the Arena square becomes a special place for other activities thanks to the ice-skating rink that every year is built on it.

The ice-skating rink in the Arena square

Starting with markets and special typical exhibitions, Verona has many other traditions; I've already cited the big Christmas star mounted in the Arena, afterwards there are other events that many people use to celebrate. One of these is for certain the new year Eve in the squares and in private houses and than a particular one that take place in the Arena square on 6th January: the Epiphany. During the afternoon, the "Befana", an old women that brings gifts on this day in the Veneto tradition get burned in the middle of the square. A huge pyre burns until the evening and the end of the Christmas holidays are celebrated.

The "Befana" in the morning during the Epiphany

The "Befana" in the evening during the Epiphany

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