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Carnival in Verona

The Carnival in Verona is a tradition that lasts from 1531 and it is for certain one of the oldest italian carnivals. The legend says that during that year, due to a major famine, the price of flour was very very high and the poor people, in particular in the old popular district of San Zeno, risked to die because of hunger. At that point, a noble and worthy person, Tommaso Da Vico, raised a sum of money that was enough to grant the poor citizens the possibility to buy the minimun quantity of flour they needed to prepare the "gnocchi", one of the typical dishes of Verona, a basic food that everyone used to eat almost every day.
Confetti during the carnival in Verona

A float passing through the historical center of Verona

Masks in the Arena square
In his testament, Tommaso Da Vinco, left a huge amount of money devolved to the city of Verona. With these funds every year the city was obliged to distribute wine and gnocchi for free for every people who lived in San Zeno area. To remember this episode a carnival mask was born. Its name was "Papà del gnoco" that translated from the dialect is something like "Gnocco's daddy". This mask is a whiskered man with a large belly and a big fork with a "gnocco" over it (a sort of a wand). Today the carnival is a big event that involve locals and tourists, it lasts many days and the final one is called "Venerdì Gnocolar" (gnocco's friday) when nearly 60 floats partecipate to a big parade with more than 7000 characters.
Papà del Gnoco during the parade in Verona

Papà del gnoco Mask on the donkey in Verona

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