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Brussels-Verona Low cost

I've tried the new Ryanair flights Verona-Brussels and Brussels-Verona.
It's really easy for citizens that come from northern Europe to spend some days for a Holiday in Verona.
I landed yesterday morning after a weekend in Brussels. The flight is really cheap, especially now that Ryanair has to launch these new routes to Verona.
I spent just 38€ for two ways flight and I also visited Amsterdam because trains in Brussels are very efficient and in 2 hours you can reach a lot of towns.
I've tried this with the flight from Verona, but many of you could do the same from Brussels.
If you sleep in apartments or b&b you can enjoy Verona with the money you'd normally spend for a weekend in places near your town.
Cheap sometimes doesn't mean you get worse service.
There are charming accommodations at the half price of the hotel and low cost flights that cost really less than scheduled flights.
For example, if you are a family of four and you want to visit Verona for a weekend, you can do it now during the low season. A central and charming accommodation in Verona could cost around 30€ each one per night.
Here some special deals about 3 nights stay in Verona in apartments accommodation:
Ca Vendramin - 120€ per night
Romeo apartment - 120€ per night

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