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The Best Photo Opportunities in Verona

There are so many beautiful buildings and vistas in Italy, it’s hard to go wrong if you enjoy photography. Verona is no exception, buildings are well maintained, squares are decorated with flowers, and there are a lot of monuments dedicated to all the residents, real and fictional, who have links with the city.
Apart from probably one of the most photographed balconies anywhere, Verona has some excellent photo opportunities both on the ground, and high up, here are just a few suggestions.
‘Top’ of the list has to be the Torre Lamberti, or the Lamberti Tower, this is the tallest tower in Verona, completed in 1463. Take the two hundred and thirty eight steps to the top, or if you’ve eaten too much pasta there’s a lift. Enjoy breathtaking views over the Arena, the Piazza delle Erbe, and out over the surrounding countryside with its beautiful Cypress trees.
The Arena at the distance from Lamberti tower

View on Piazza Erbe from Lamberti tower
A different view of the Piazza delle Erbe is from the ground level, a typical but extremely beautiful square, originally the home to the Roman Forum. The piazza is home to the market, as well as some famous statues, and colourful buildings.
If its nature that inspires you, head for one of Italy’s most significant renaissance gardens, the Giardino Giusti. Here, you can see formal Italian design at its best alongside grottos and masks carved into the hillside.
Giardini Giusti

Wedding at Giardini Giusti
If you want to avoid the crowds, there are two places you should visit with superb views over the centre. The first is Castel San Pietro, and the second is the sanctuary of Santa Maria di Lourdes on the edge of Verona's highest hill.
Finally, visit the Arena, one of the most popular and ancient buildings in the city. Inside and out, this structure with its arches provides some fantastic opportunities; one of the best is the view of the Lamberti Tower.


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