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Around Verona

Pictures of Verona


I was searching for some website or blog with great pictures of Verona and I discovered VeronaDailyPhoto. This blog is like a windows on little details, life and beauties of Verona. You can find monuments or just a moment of life. I think that for tourists is very interesting to take a look at the town in a different way.  An artistic point of view on secret places and a free source of inspiration  for your visit of Verona and your holidays.

Verona - day trip to Venice

Typical canal in Venice

Places near Verona


Dear reader, first of all, I would like to introduce you my town and let you know what are the other touristic places around. Verona is an historical city, but it's famous in Italy for many other attractions. If you don't know this you may have a wrong idea of the place you want to visit.