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Around Verona

Sirmione on Lake Garda

Sirmione sits on the southern shores of beautiful Lake Garda, a pretty medieval town at the end of a large peninsula jutting out into the lake.


veneto map
The region of Veneto in the northeast of Italy is probably on of the most diverse in all of Italy. It extends from the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the Adriatic Sea over expanses of hills and valleys cut by rivers, canals, and the Po delta. 
On the coast, away from the mountains the typical scenery is the flat lands and the coastal lagoons, and of course, one of the most unique cities’s in the entire world – Venice, and yet there is so much more to Veneto.

Detox at beautiful Lake Garda

Thermal park
The Christmas and New Year celebrations always pile on a few extra pounds, or maybe you’ve made a resolution to get in shape in 2012, but whatever your reasons for choosing a spa break, Lake Garda is the perfect destination.

Italy in winter – What every visitor should know.

Its true, Italians always look super cool, even in winter they have an incredible style. So, what’s their secret? Is it the fact they still wear sunglasses, or maybe it’s the fact that they are dressed against the cold?

Thick quilted jackets, scarves, gloves and of course the sunglasses, mean that whilst looking cool, they are never cold - but there is another reason for wrapping up warm, its known as "La Cervicale".

Italy - An Award Winning Destination

It will come as no surprise, but in an award ceremony by the Daily & Sunday Telegraph Travel Awards 2011, Italy was again nominated "Favourite European Country" by 23,000 polled newspaper readers.

But it doesn’t stop there, the Hotel Villa D'Este in Cernobbio on Lake Como was nominated as a "Favourite Hotel Worldwide", and the beautiful city of Venice was runner up to New York as "Favourite City Worldwide".

Verona with Children

Many visitors dismiss a city break with children, as they fear that there will be nothing to keep them entertained. In Verona that certainly is not the case.
Whether the family enjoys the great outdoors with plenty of room to work off that excess energy, or a theme park with rollercoaster’s and movie stars, there is something for everyone.

Castles near Verona: Soave

Castle verona
If Castelvecchio, the military fortress of the Scaligeri family that ruled Verona in the Middle Ages is , together with Castel San Pietro, the most famous and visited castle by tourists in the city of Verona, it is certainly not the only one nearby. There are in fact 23 castles listed in Verona province, and they can easily be divided into four categories depending on their location: urban castles, western area, south-eastern area and north-eastern area.

Walking through Verona

walking itinerary Verona
If you don't like organized tours and prefer the do-it-yourself option but still want to save the hassle of planning where to go and what to see in Verona you can choose one of the four walking itineraries suggested by Verona City Council. They are suitable to all levels and include all the cultural highlights of the city. The average lenght of each itinerary is 3 kilometres, with the shortest being 2,5 and the longest 3,6. The time needed to complete an itinerary varies between 3 and 4 hours... but it can be expanded to a full day if you plan many stops, coffee breaks, shopping and so on. Well, take your time: you're on holiday!

Open days at Valpolicella Terme

Valpolicella verona terme
Have you booked a holiday in Verona or nearby between 15th and 18th September? Lucky you! Terme della Valpolicella spa, the 2500sq m. wellness haven of the Villa Quaranta complex, organizes the "Open days 2011" with a rich programme of discounted and even free treatments. It's your chance to unstress and recharge the batteries while keeping an eye on your savings. The choice is wide and suits all tastes in terms of relaxation and wellness.

Day-trip to Verona

Day-trip to Verona
I can truly say that a day-trip to Verona is just a way to understand where are the monuments of Verona, but for Venice and other important historical cities is the same. Many of you don't have the time to stay here for so long, because maybe some prefers to stay on lake Garda or travelling to many cities in a short time, so I want to dedicate a bit of space to this sort of "quick turist".
I'll give you some tips to fall in love with Verona, so that you can feel sad to leave after the first hours here.