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Arena di Verona

Arena di Verona
The Arena is probably the most famous monument of Verona.
The building itself was built in AD 30 beyond the old roman's walls. The ludi (shows and games) staged there were really famous and even spectators from places far away, came to witness them. The amphitheatre could host more than 30,000 people in ancient times.
The round facade of the building was originally composed of white and pink limestone from Valpolicella, an area close to the town that now is one of the main italian wine areas; unfortunately, after a major earthquake in 1117, part of the stone of the Arena was quarried for re-use in other buildings.
The earthquake almost completely destroyed the structure's outer ring, except for the so-called "ala", that is nowadays one of the main peculiarity of the amphitheater.

At the moment the Arena is one of the best places for the opera. Every summer, there is the opera season and the amphitheater also host other concerts and shows.
Now I want to show you some pictures of the Arena, to make you notice how beautiful it is and how are the nights during the opera season.

This is the point of view from the middle of Piazza Bra, you can see the part of the monument on the left called "ala"
In this pictures you can see the entire monument from Piazza Bra

This is the Arena during the opera: "Aida"

This is the "ala"

Another point of view on the "ala"

This beautiful picture has been made during the opera season

Another picture of the inside of the Arena during the opera

The Arena from Bra Square (right hand side)

The "ala" from inside

Another picture of the Aida (on the back you can see the townhall)

The Arena inside

If you want to visit Verona and spend some nights at the opera, you can book directly by the website of the "fondazione Arena", the organization that manage every year the opera season.
If you need an accommodation near the Arena I can recommend you these solutions (everyone is less than 5 minutes on foot):

  • Romeo apartment that has a fabulous view from its terrace and great reviews by the guests
  • Arena apartment that is probably the closest accommodation if you visit the amphitheater
  • Ca Vendramin if you want to stay in a historical building of 14th century
Here prices are around 40/50€ per person (lower than the hotels, but in charming accommodations).


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