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From the airport to Verona

Verona Airport
So you got the great deal, you jumped on the plane and here you are at Catullo airport. What to do now? Don't panic, there is a cheap and efficient Aerobus service to the city centre. Buses from Catullo Airport to Verona Porta Nuova, the main railway station in town, run daily from 6.35 am to 11.35 pm every 20 minutes. The price of the ticket is 5 euro one way, but if you travel frequently to Verona you can buy a monthly pass for 50 euro. The ticket can be bought at the airport or on board with no extra charge.
The railway station is approximately twenty minutes walk from the city's main attractions such as the Arena. If you don't fancy walking you can reach the city centre in few minutes with one of the local buses leaving the station to Piazza Bra. Take one of the following lines: 11, 12, 13, 14, 72 e 73.
The shuttle bus at the railway station of Verona
A taxi is a more comfortable option, but it's much more expensive too. Depending on your destination, you can expect to pay approximately 30 euro. If you want full comfort, you can book a private taxi with Ladyblu, a company that guarantees English-speaker drivers.You can request a quote on their website specifying the details of the service required: pick up location, destination, number of people, date and time.
When your holiday is over - alas! they do finish at some stage - you can take the Aerobus from the railway station running from 5.20am to 11.10 pm.


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